Why should I insure my property whilst it is in store?

You ensure all your property from your house, its contents, your car and even yourself! Therefore as your storage container is an extension of your house/business for keeping your goods safe and sound, it follows that they should be insured.

How can I insure my goods?

Check your existing household insurance to see if the cover extends to goods stored with us. If not there are many online specialist insurers you can obtain a quote from. Or we can offer you competitively priced cover under a special policy that has been arranged with a leading company if required, just contact us for details and a quote.

What happens if it is covered on my household insurance or I get insured independently?

That's great but you must ensure you can provide us with proof of your insurance before you can store with us.

How do I insure with you and what are the costs?

Contact us for details and we will set it up for you straight away. We just add it to your weekly total and you pay it all together.

Our rates are: £1000 worth of cover - £1 per week

Who is the insurance policy with and what does the policy cover?

We have chosen Basil Fry and Company as our preferred insurer. You can download the policy summary for cover via Lymington Self Storage HERE.